Bars & Entertainment

Bars & Entertainment

There are various options for entertainment on board. Such as a casino, the Sea Pub to watch sports and multiple venues where you can enjoy live music. In the afternoon the sundeck is open, only when the weather is sunny the bar is open for a drink and a DJ provides the music. After departure, it is time to explore the ship


Starlight Palace

Every evening, the Starlight Palace is the place to enjoy live music and entertainment while enjoying a drink. Choose a nice cocktail, have a dance on the dance floor or play a game of poker with friends led by a croupier.

Sea Pub

The Sea Pub is a great place to relax. A large selection of drinks is available in the atmospheric space. In the evenings there is live music, which you can enjoy with a drink. The Sea Pub is also the place to watch sports or play a game together.


Romantika Lounge

Located between the Sea Pub bar and the Grill House restaurant, the Romantika Lounge is a small bar to enjoy a quiet drink and chat.

Sundeck Bar

Weather permitting, the Sundeck Bar is opened on deck 9. Located on the highest deck of the ship, this bar is the perfect place to enjoy the sun with a drink or ice cream. A DJ plays in the afternoon at the Sundeck Bar.


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